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Concrete Retaining Walls | Nashville

landscaping and retaining wall at a residential home

Retaining walls can literally be house or property savers. Soil erosion and having water that is constantly passing through your property is not something that should ever be taken lightly. That being said, when you’re thinking about building retaining walls it’s super important to make sure that you get it right the first time around. There are a couple of mistakes that we see constantly that lead to the retaining wall ultimately being torn apart. It goes without saying, but we want to make sure that we take the right steps to ensure this is not something that happens to you.


Wall Design

Retaining walls have to be designed in a particular way to make sure that they are able to hold down the pressure from solid and water that could be coming down. At the same time, we want to make sure that the wall can match well with the overall design of the property. We just have to say this, building a taller wall that was not properly designed is not going to help you deal with the pressure. You have to make sure that you can allow water to flow through or have another way to alleviate the pressure if you will for the wall to be able to hold up. That’s why the wall design is ultimately so important.


What Type of Walls Can You Build?

A lot of folks want to have masonry retiring walls or walls with very particular features. This goes back to what we were just mentioning about building a wall that fits into the look and feel of the entire property. Give us a call and let us explore the different options that we could potentially have with you.   


Work On Existing Walls

This is something that we’re going to be able to do. Sadly, these types of projects are always ones that are tough to handle and what makes us mad is that a colleague essentially butchered it and cost our client money for something that doesn’t work correctly. That’s why it’s a good idea to work with real pros the first time around. Hence our borderline obsession with planning. You have to account for all of the potential dangers and essentially equip the wall accordingly to make sure that it can handle such dangers. Like through something that we are going to talk about in the next paragraph.


Adding Drains or Other Features To Walls

One of the ways to make sure that water is not going to be ultimately burst through your walls is to install a drain. Even if we don’t install a drain to make sure that we give water a way through. The presence of moisture is something that we need to account for. Building the largest or beefiest wall that you can build is not necessarily the ideal solution. We can explore all sorts of different options to make sure that we can make your wall hold up.

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