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Concrete Walkways & Steps | Nashville

a concrete sidewalk with grass on the sides

These types of projects are certainly ones that we enjoy, yet we believe that they can be a little bit more challenging than maybe some of the other types of projects that we work on. With driveways for example we know that we have to build a large enough surface for a car to pass through and maybe leave some small grass space. When we’re building some walkways we’re going to need to incorporate the concrete surfaces into maybe an existing lawn. In doing so we’re not going to want to tear down what we already have there.


Walkway or Step Design

With all of the different types of surfaces that we build we essentially have the same type of concern. What we want to do is make sure that we build a surface that fits the existing landscape. Therefore, we don’t just want to build a walkway without taking into account maybe your lawn or any other type of features that you have in the area already. When it comes to building steps it’s the same thing. Sure, they have to be functional, that is of course going to be the first thing that we want to consider. They also have to look the part though.


Where Can You Build Walkways?

We’re going to be able to build walkways virtually anywhere. A lot of people get the sense that walkways are usually featured in large backyard areas or large properties in general. The idea is to create a concrete path through the grass and the natural terrain. While this is technically true, you don’t have to be the proud owner of x number of acres of land at a minimum to want to have a walkway built.


Can You Work In Existing Homes?

Sure, if you want us to build steps or walkways on something that is already planned out we can do so. A lot of times with walkways over grass we like to be able to work before you actually put the grass in. Despite some of our best efforts, we can’t deny that the lawn can go through some wear if we’re going to be adding concrete structures to it. Therefore there are certain things that we prefer we get to do at a certain point. At the end of the day though it doesn’t matter. You can give us a call at any point in time and we’re going to be able to help.


Custom Concrete Surfaces

You don’t have to settle with the gray smooth concrete surface that virtually anyone can build. We are going to be able to paint your concrete surfaces in different colors, at the same time we can give you a stamped concrete finish. There are a ton of different customization options. Give us a call or contact us if you want to explore the different options that we’re going to have for you. You can rest assured that we’ll be able to cater to your design needs!

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