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Concrete Slabs | Nashville

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At times there’s going to be a need to work on repairing concrete slabs to ensure that existing concrete surfaces remain in decent shape. We’re usually not going to be an alarmist company. There are some professionals out there that spot a problem and the first thing that they want to do is blow everything up and start over. In many ways, cracks in concrete slabs can be somewhat of a normal occurrence. It’s still a good idea though to make sure that we understand why they are forming. If you’re having trouble with an existing concrete surface know that you can always give us a call.


Concrete Slab Evaluation

The first thing that we need to do before we make any harsh decisions if you will is to get a good feel for what the current state of the concrete is. Not all of the cracks and other types of issues that we see are going to require that we completely remove the slab to put another one in its place. We’re going to be doing a visual exploration of the surface and then taking a look to see how sturdy the concrete is altogether. From there we’ll be able to make the necessary assessments.


Ways To Seal Cracks In Concrete

There are going to be different ways to potentially seal cracks in the concrete. What we don’t want to do is offer up a sealed concrete finish as the end all be all of the ways to improve the look of your concrete surface. A lot of times trying to color the concrete just to try and cover up some of the imperfections can lead to more issues down the line. With many cracks, we can just apply the seal and make sure to distribute it evenly and we’ll be good.


Extensive Slab Repair

If we see that we’re not going to be able to seal all of the cracks because there is either too many, they are too extensive, or because they keep forming in the same spot the best course of action would be to remove the existing slab, make sure that the original terrain is smooth and ready for a new slab to be set in its place. In short, it really doesn’t matter to us how damaged your existing concrete surface happens to be. There’s going to be different types of solutions for the levels of damage that we find.


Starting Over

We’re going to put all of our effort into trying to make sure that we can execute perfect repairs. What we don’t want is to lie to you about the potential success of a repair. There are times where the surface is just too worn down. When that’s the case the best course of action is to remove the existing surface and start over. Don’t be afraid to start over. Yes, concrete is meant to last for a long time, but there are factors that could come into play to justify that it’s all torn up. If that’s the case it may be best to start over.

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